October 10, 2021

"Lots of washers and dryyers. Can use coin or credit card."
September 11, 2021

"Excellent machines, reasonable prices and machines accept credit cards."
September 3, 2021

"I spend more money at other laundromats to switch over my clothes and fold them and bag them myself. This place is sooooo legit. And everyone is so nice. The clothes are perfectly washed, folded, and bagged for a super affordable price. The turnaround time is awesome, the service is phenomenal - I love this place and these people! <3 Thank you for all you do!"
August 26, 2021

"Been doing my laundry here for a few months now when I'm not working. While I myself have never needed any help from the staff I have noticed other patrons that do. The staff are very kind and helpful to those that need assistance. I do love the fact that I can use my credit card right at the machine and not have to bring a bag full of quarters."
August 8, 2021

"Clean and the attendant was very helpful."
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