Laundry Service

At Lighthouse Laundry, we provide professional laundry service to residents of Brunswick, Freeport, Portland & Camden, ME, no matter when they need it. One service we offer is laundry pick up and delivery. Modern living is often very busy, and it can be hard finding the time to keep your laundry clean. Our laundry pick up and delivery service provides a solution to cleaning needs without losing quality. Our laundry pick up and delivery service can save you both time and frustration while providing the cleaning level you expect for clothing.


Professional Laundry Cleaning

Our top-of-the-line service and equipment provide deep professional cleaning for all of your laundry. Your clothing will be left clean and strain free. Professional laundry machines provide a more thorough cleaning than the kind of washers and dryers found in homes and apartments. This leaves your clothing looking better and free of odors and stains you may have had difficulty removing in the past. At Lighthouse Laundry, we use commercial-grade cleaners to ensure the highest level of cleaning for your items.

Laundry Pick Up & Delivery Service

Our laundry pick up and delivery service can also save you valuable time. If you have a lot of clothing, it can take all day with only one washer and dryer. Our commercial equipment lets us clean and dry your clothing quickly and efficiently. In addition, you can now use the time you’re saving to focus on other important chores or just to enjoy your day. Our professional service leaves you free to relax or spend time with your family without having to worry about loads of laundry; we take care of that for you.

If you’ve been looking for a solution to your laundry needs, we’re here to help. We can help you save stress and time and have all your laundry cleaned in a fraction of the time. Contact us today or download our app to learn about our services.