June 20, 2017

Wanda Bernard-McCallister

"Outstanding facilities. Meticulously clean. Brand new machines. Friendly, helpful staff. The best laundromat I've ever used. Highly recommend."
July 22, 2016

Evelene K.

"Nice customer service. The machines are fast and efficient. If I lived around here, I'd keep coming. Good air circulation too."
July 10, 2016

JimandLynne Krompholz

"So glad you are still operating the laundromat. It is a safe place to do laundry when we visit in the summer. Owner is very friendly and keeps the area clean."
June 16, 2016

John D

"22 Parking spaces, newer machines from the normal to 70 lb washing machines. 26 dryers with 50 lb reversing driers, open 24 hours and wonderful attendants and the facility has been like this since 2010!"
June 7, 2016

Amy W.

"I highly recommend this place. Lots of machines and the area was very clean. The attendant on duty was extremely helpful and kind."
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